Steve Maglio – Danny DeVito’s Limoncello (Chords and Tab)

Danny DeVito’s Limoncello (Chords)

A slightly unusual choice this week chorded at the behest of, America’s radio sweetheart, Jesse Thorn and done with some help of the man, the legend Jim Boggia.

The song is a Sinatra pastiche with some nice jazzy moves. A few of the chords might be unfamiliar to you but they’re all very easy to play. With a capo on the third fret at least. If you want to tackle it in the more challenging original key the chords are:

Danny DeVito’s Limoncello (No Capo Chords)

It’s much trickier to play this way but I do enjoy having the moving notes on the Eb being at the bottom rather than the top (as they are on the capoed version).

Suggested Strumming

I keep the strumming dead simple and just do this once per chord:

d – d u

Twiddly Bits

The lick in the intro is so deliciously cheesy. I absolutely intend to steal it at some point.

The above version is without a capo. The capoed version can be played like this:


Danny DeVito’s Limoncello song
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