They Might Be Giants Medley (Tab)

They Might Be Giants Medley (Tab)

Over the last 35 years They Might Be Giants have but out some of the funnest and nerdiest music around (and found some time to paint cat ukuleles). So I collected together some of their best known songs along with some of my favourites.

Istanbul (Not Constantinople): Starts off with a short solo using the F harmonic minor scale. Which is like the more common F natural minor scale but with the Eb replaced by an E (A-string, 7th fret). The melody for the chorus is made up solely of notes in the Fm chord then the C7 chord. So hold down these notes as long as possible to build the chords behind the melody.

Birdhouse in Your Soul: I wrote up tab for the entire song here. This is just the intro transposed to the key of F.

Dr Worm: A quick version of Rabbi Vole’s guitar solo.

Why Does the Sun Shine?: I love that TMBG wrote a scientifically inaccurate song then wrote a song to correct it.

Boss of Me: AKA the Malcolm in the Middle theme. The chorus for this part is dead simple. It’s mostly just switching between the open A-string and A-string, 3rd fret while the chords change underneath.

Older: While the rest of the songs after Istanbul are in F, this one is in its equivalent minor: D minor.

Dog on Fire: AKA The Daily Show theme. From the original version before Timberland chopped it up.

Seven Days of the Week: From their third album of children’s songs Here Come the 1,2,3s. Although there only seems to be the most marginal difference between their children’s records and the rest of their oeuvre.

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