The Ramones – Merry Christmas (Chords)

The Ramones – Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight)(Chords)

A dead simple Christmas song that’s easy to bash out any time. Like most Ramones songs, it’s mostly a three chord affair (you can replace the G with G7 if you want to make things even easier). Although they do get dangerously avant-garde in the chorus with a minor chord and a 7 chord.

The only tricky part is the chord-slide in the intro from Bb to C. If you’re not ready for that yet, you can just replace the whole thing with a C chord.

I highly recommend giving Helen Love’s high-energy cover a listen too.

Suggested Strumming Pattern

Main strum: d – d – d u d u

Intro: One down-strum each for the first three chords. One down-strum on the Bb chord, then slide up to C and finish the bar with three down-up strums.

From there, do the main strum on the C and dudu on the F and G. For the final C-F-C-G do two down-strums per chord.

Verse: Like most of the intro, main strum on C, two down-ups each on F and G.

Pre-Chorus: Same again with the end of the intro strum for the C-F-C-G.

Chorus: Main strum once per chord for the first three lines. Then four lots of down-up each on the last line.

Outro: Same as the verse but just one down-strum each for the last three chords.


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