Monty Python – Brave Sir Robin (Tabs and Chords)

Neil Innes – Brave Sir Robin (Chords)

This post is a little tribute to two sad deaths over the New Year period: official Python Terry Jones and honorary Python Neil Innes.

As well as writing a wealth of music for the Pythons, Neil Innes worked on the Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour, invented the mock-rockumentary with The Rutles, had massive hits with I’m the Urban Spaceman and How Sweet to be an Idiot, and was a keen uker.

Many of his parodies were understated (Let’s be Natural could have passed for a Beatles outtake). But “understated” is not a word I’d use for Brave Sir Robin which Innes performed in The Holy Grail and wrote with Eric Idle.

I’m using the chords from the source himself and tidying them up a bit and adding the intro from the Spamalot version. I’d suggest playing the B7 the no hassle way (i.e. 4320) which makes a much easier transition from and to Em.

Suggested Strumming Pattern

Really simple strumming. You can play just one strum per chord. Although you want might to do two when a chord lasts a whole bar.

Twiddly Bits

Brave Sir Robin Accompaniment Tab

The accompaniment for the song fits very nicely onto uke. My version (at the top of the video) starts with the intro to the Spamalot version, it then moves into very sparse accompaniment before sticking very closely to the melody.

Brave Sir Robin Melody Tab

Here’s a tab of the melody. Which did need a bit of adjustment for ukulele. I’d recommend using alternate picking or using a pick as the notes are speedy.


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