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Dexys Midnight Runners – Come on Eileen (Chords and Tab)

Dexys Midnight Runners – Come on Eileen (Chords) What a blast this song is. Perfect for a ukulele group (once that’s an option again). Carolina Ukulele Ensemble kill it with their version. There’s a sweet key change between the verse (in the key of C) and chorus (in D). They pivot around a G chord […]

UkeTube: Janet Jackson, Grace Vanderwaal

Watch on YouTube Tracklist Nicolas Fingerstyle Ukulele – I Get Around Janet Jackson, The Roots and Jimmy Fallon – Runaway Glass Cases – Thinking Sideways Stables – Everywhere Grace Vanderwaal – Today and Tomorrow Wild Hum – Divorce in the Water Bob Guz – Hector the Hero Jiang – Blinding Lights Ariel Zevon – MASOCHIST […]

Warren Zevon – Don’t Let Us Get Sick (Tab)

Warren Zevon – Don’t Let Us Get Sick (Tab) Don’t Let Us Get Sick is one of the most beautiful songs ever written. It’s incredibly raw and emotionally direct. And given extra poignancy by the fact that Zevon would be diagnosed with cancer two years after writing. I can barely make it through without breaking […]

Songs with Chords You Know (2020 Update)

I like to keep a list of songs that use just the most common ukulele chords. Arranged by the order people usually learn them in. And with people panic buying ukuleles, I thought it was about time for an update. C, F and G (or G7) If you prefer, you can use G7 in the […]

The Parting Glass (Tab)

The Parting Glass (Tab) Happy St. Patrick’s Day! The Parting Glass isn’t Irish at all but a traditional Scottish tune. However, it’s become a firm part of the Irish traditional scene since The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem made it their own. More recently, it’s been covered by Ed Sheeran and cropped up in Assassin’s […]

UkeTube: International Women’s Day Special

Watch on YouTube Tracklist Honoka – Green Hornet Natsuko Kitajima – Out Of Nowhere The Barberettes – Be My Baby Thanks to @hermanvdc MARLOWE – Anyone Natasha Ghosh – (Spirited Away) Reprise Graciela Cano & Choan Gálvez – Dolphins’ Carnival March Aline Kelly – Ó Abre Alas! Genoa Keawe – Alika Vanessa Ding – Miss […]

Friday Links: Dominator Tabs

If you’ve been around the ukulele world a while, you’ll be familiar with Dominic ‘Dominator’ Pieranunzio’s ukulele tabs. They were a great resource so it was a bit concerning that he and his site disappeared from the internet. But, fear not, he’s still doing well and his tabs are still available here on this spammy-looking […]

Chicken Reel (Tab)

Chicken Reel (Tab) Following on from yesterday’s Tunes You Know But Can’t Name post, with a tune I only knew as, “that chicken song from the cartoons,” until I found out it had an actual name. Chicken Reel was written in 1910 by Joseph Daly but was adopted and adapted into the bluegrass catalogue. And […]

Tunes You Know But Can’t Name (Tabs)

Here’s a selection of short tunes you’ll have heard a load of times in your life but might not know the name of. These pop up everywhere and have become musical shorthand. That makes them ideal tunes to learn and pull out of the bag whenever the situation calls for it and get a cheap […]

The Strokes – Hard to Explain (Tabs and Chords)

The Strokes – Hard to Explain (Chords) The new song from The Strokes has got me very excited for the new album. So much so I decided to tackle a song from their debut and got carried away. As well as the chords, I’ve written up a bit of group arrangement of the song as […]