Tunes You Know But Can’t Name (Tabs)

Here’s a selection of short tunes you’ll have heard a load of times in your life but might not know the name of. These pop up everywhere and have become musical shorthand. That makes them ideal tunes to learn and pull out of the bag whenever the situation calls for it and get a cheap laugh.

Mysterioso Pizzicato (aka the evil guy tune)

Vaudville Fanfare (aka the bad joke tune)

Minsky Pickup (aka the start of every old-timey tune)

Dragnet Theme (aka the danger tune)

Twilight Zone (aka the spooky tune)

This is the one tune I did know the name of. For extra spookiness, pick the strings close to the bridge or use a capo as high up the fretboard as you like.

Grand Opening Theme

I still have no idea what this one is called or where it’s originally from. It sounds like something you’d hear at the start of a movie to me.

Westminister Chimes (aka the clock/doorbell song)

This tune is over 200 years old and was most famous as the tune played by big ben at the top of the hour. Since then it’s become the tune played by a million clocks and doorbells.

I’m playing harmonics with my right-hand here to give it an extra bell-like quality. But the tune will sounds just fine played without them.

I did a whole post on bell ringing if you’re interested in more.

Shave and a Haircut (aka the old time-y ending)

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