Joni Mitchell – A Case of You (Tabs)

Joni Mitchell – A Case of You (Tab)

A tab to celebrate the recent release of long-lost demos of a young Joni Mitchell apparently playing ukulele.

I think this is the first time I’ve transferred a song from dulcimer to ukulele. And it works nicely. I just transposed the original down half a step and it fitted perfectly.

What didn’t transfer so easily were the vocal lines. The vocals tumble out of her unpredictably. Which matches the meaning of the song perfectly, but is a pain in the arse to play. So I’ve taken a few liberties and played the song as it felt right to me. I recommend you do the same rather than sticking rigidly to the original or the tab.

In the repeat of bars 35 and 36, I did a little run up the neck. Rather than write the whole thing out again, I’ve included tab for just those bars at the end.


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