Friday Links: Uke Song at No.1, Jake Plays the First Ukulele

Polo G’s RAPSTAR has made it to #1. The first ukulele song to do so since Train’s Hey, Soul Sister (I think).

The legendary webshow Midnight Ukulele Disco is being uploaded to YouTube. Including probably the most iconic ukulele video there is.

New tab book from Choan Galvez: Waltz in Progress.

On Video
Jake Shimabukuro plays “the first ukulele made in Hawaii and other historic instruments.
Phoebe Bridgers finally manages to smash an instrument.
Circuits and Strings builds an electric harp ukulele
Ukeing while paragliding.

Window Shopping
Lichty Custom Ukulele U160
An artist on death row maked ukuleles from popsicle sticks.


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Last month’s Patreon only tab is one I’m particularly proud of George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue. Without support from Patreons I wouldn’t have been able to take on a project this ambitious.

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