Morrissey – Irish Blood English Heart (Chords and Tab)

Morrissey – Irish Blood English Heart (Chords)

I first started working on this song three years ago. But while I was putting it together Morrissey went on one of his rants and I lost interest. But his recent fued with The Simpsons has motivated me to resurrect it.

The chords could not be simpler. Just Gm and Eb with a capo on the second fret (or Am and F without).

The riffs predate the song itself. They were first featured in Johnny Panic’s Not Bitter But Bored. The song was rewritten by Morrissey’s songwriting partner Alain Whyte who correctly thought it deserved wider attention.

The two choruses are slightly different. With the second chorus having the Gm minor lasting twice as long and capping off with an ascending riff. The chorus riff also acts as the outro but with the Gm riff repeating at the end.

Here’s the intro followed by the second chorus:



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Bonus: Quilloughby – Everyone Is Horrid Except Me

Quilloughby – Everyone Is Horrid Except Me (Chords)

Highlight of the Simpsons’ Morrissey episode was the Smiths parody song with music by Bret McKenzie (best known as a member of the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra).

The song starts with a direct copy of the the There Is A Light chord move: strumming d u d u – on F then u d – on G. From then on you can use this strum twice each for C and Fmaj7:

d – d – d u d u

And just one strum per chord on the rest.

To cap things off there’s a very simple New Order style solo.

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