Beyonce – Halo (Tabs)

Beyonce – Halo (Tab)

I’ve been negligent not doing a Beyonce song before this. But with some pushing from Patreon I’ve rectified the situation.

My favourite part to play is the intro. It fits so nicely on the uke I decided to use it as the outro too. Things stay fairly straightforward to play in the verse. All that is played with one finger per string picking.

But in the bridge and chorus Beyonce stretches her vocal range which means a trip up the neck. The arrangement goes as high as the 14th fret where it’s tough to play cleanly. You’ll also need to pick more forcefully so to keep the volume of the note at the same level as notes lower on the neck.

The picking in the rest of the song is more haphazard. For the quick notes, I’m using alternate picking to keep up.


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