Friday Links

– Two sad losses for the ukulele world: Tin Pan Alley and uke enthusiast Fred Fallin and ukulelist and boogie board inventor Tom Morey.

– Uke Hunt favourite, Lil Rev is launching a new ukulele book called Blue Arpeggios. You can back find out more and back the project on GoFundMe.

LP tells Guitar World the ukulele doesn’t have to be cutesy.

– Some interesting new additions to the Ukulele 2021 Spotify playlist including the return of Beirut, Mac Miller and Young Thug, and the write and record and album in a day project from YouTubers Rob Scallon and Andrew Huang.

Window Shopping
– Amazing looking Kanile’a 2021 Platinum.
– Maori artist, Samuel Mangakahia’s carved ukuleles and guitars.
In case you don’t know which instrument you want to play.
– Ibanez’s oddly shaped Iceman uke.


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