Friday Links: Theft and Ukerry

Ukulele sculpture by “Philadelphia Dumpster Diver” Linda Lou Horn.

Seattle Police are searching for an armed robber who stole $100 and a Billie Eilish ukulele.

Window Shopping
– A Hess Juka ukulele from 1938 with a device that seems to be the forerunner of the Chordmaster. (Thanks to @hermanvdc.)
Ohana Vintage Line 390 and a custom painted Ohana.
Flight Aqua A10QM.
Kala Blue Bottle.

New Releases
– Craig Robertson has a new album: scratched out. And he’s giving away his first 27 albums for free including he one I make an appearance on. If you’re not sure where to start, get his Greatest Hats Vol. 1 or, my favourite, DeChirico Street.
– Tyrone and Leslie are crowdfunding their latest album on Pozible.
– Phredd has a new album out Ukulele Bundle of Joy. You can find links to it on your service of choice here.


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