Stephen Sanchez – Until I Found You (Tabs)

Stephen Sanchez – Until I Found You (Tab)

In a rare case of being almost up to date, here’s a tab of Stephen Sanchez’s retro ballad and TikTok smash Until I Found You.

Intro: The retro touches start in the intro with a classic IV to minor iv chord change (C to Cm) in this case. Which shows up in a million Beatles songs as well as Creep and Wake Me Up When September Ends.

Verse: The verse starts with the unmistakeable interval from the Crazy melody. The verse melody has a very lazy, slurred timing to it. I’ve kept some of that but I have straightened it up a little.

Chorus: The chorus is more straight forward in terms of timing. The slide up to the seventh fret is the only bump.

Solo: A very simple solo. Just bashing out the chords and doing a little slide. But doing that accurately and quickly is challenging.


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