Bobby Darin – Beyond the Sea (Tabs)

Bobby Darin – Beyond the Sea (Tab)

Beyond the Sea is an anglicized version of Charles Trenet’s La Mer and regularly crops up in film and TV (most notably the prison kitchen scene in Goodfellas).

Intro: Starting off with some big strums to emulate the brass in the original.

Verse: Nothing too difficult to play in the verse, but there are a ton of chord changes to keep track of.

Bridge: This section has three key changes (to A, to C and returning to the original key of F). Each time it uses the trick of leading into the change with the V7 chord of the new key. So you have E7 at the end of bar 18, setting up the key of A. And G7 at the end of bar 24, leading in the key of C. Finally, you have C7 in bar 30 to lead back to the original key of F.

Solo: The solo is based on different inversions of the chords in the verse with a few melodic elements added. Plenty of room here for your own ideas.

From there, it’s back to the verse and finishing with a simple chromatic lick.


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