Pixies – Here Comes Your Man (Tabs)

Pixies – Here Comes Your Man (Tab)

Intro: The classic Here Comes Your Man riff. Played with a few extra supporting notes to beef it up.

Verse: Nothing too challenging here. Just open chords until the build up into the pre-chorus.

Pre-Chorus: Bars 24-25 are the trickiest part of the song. There’s a big leap up to a bend at the tenth fret for the, “so long, so long,” backing vocals. That makes for an easier transition into bar 25. But you might prefer the way I originally arranged it:

Chorus: Back to the riff mixed in with the melody. There’s plenty of jumping up and down here but I find this section fun to play.

First Solo: A nice little melody for the transition back to the verse.

Second Solo: Much less melodic. The original is mostly bashing out chords with a few bends. For this take, I’ve shortened it down but there’s still a lot of bashing.


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