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The Beatles – Now and Then (Tabs)

The Beatles – Now and Then (Tab) The Beatles aren’t going to let a little thing like half the band being dead stop them making hits. And their latest is the earworm Now and Then. Intro: Some simple strumming to start with. Verse: There’s a lot of barreing going on in the verses. Which makes […]

The Cure – Lullaby (Tabs)

The Cure – Lullaby (Tab) Get ready to be freaked out of your gourd by The Cure’s spooky Lullaby Intro: The original intro is unusually long, lasting more than a minute. I’ve chopped it down a little for this arrangement. The intro (like the whole song apart from the bridge) is just Dm-Bbmaj7. The first […]

UkeTube: Amelia Coburn, Origami Angel, Justin Timberlake

Watch on YouTube Tracklist Amelia Coburn – When The Tide Rolls In Jon’s Ukulele – Grimstock – Playford Uke With Smitty – Bury Me Beneath the Willow Dani Joy – Time in a Bottle Origami Angel – The Brightest Days Justin Timberlake & The Roots – Medley Feng E – Idol Herman Vandecauter – 2 […]

Green Day – Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Tabs)

Green Day – Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Tab) A tab of Green Day’s Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Intro: The verse of Boulevard uses the same chords as the verse of Wonderwall so I went extra Wonderwally for the intro. Verses: Nothing too tricky here. Just fingerpicking around first position chords. Chorus: Switching to strums and […]