The Beatles – Now and Then (Tabs)

The Beatles – Now and Then (Tab)

The Beatles aren’t going to let a little thing like half the band being dead stop them making hits. And their latest is the earworm Now and Then.

Intro: Some simple strumming to start with.

Verse: There’s a lot of barreing going on in the verses. Which makes it a bit of stamina test for the fretting hand. But nothing difficult to play.

Chorus: The “Now and then” bit is played on the g-string. So make sure you emphasise it enough for it to register as the melody.

Watch out the second time around as the solo cuts the chorus short.

Solo: For once, the solo is very easy. A few notes sliding around but mostly strumming chords.

Outro: A change in time signature and descending chords against a pivot (A-string, 5th fret). My favourite part of the song.


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