Blink-182 – All the Small Things (Tabs)

Blink-182 – All the Small Things (Tab)

Here’s a fun version of Blink-182’s infectious (in the good sense and the bad sense) earworm All the Small Things.

Intro: All strums. I’m using my index finger a bit like a pick here (and in most of the song).

For all the strumming parts in the song, don’t worry about hitting the exact strings so long as you’re holding down the chord.

Verses: I’m using a bit of palm muting on the strings during the strums (i.e. resting the side of my strumming hand lightly on the strings). That allows the melody to stand out more.

The only tricky part here is in bar 17. I like the harmony on “At my show” so I’ve included that with the lower note picked by the thumb and the higher note by the index finger.

Pre-Chorus, Chorus and Outro: All very simple strumming on standard chords.

Solo: Similar to the intro but with a little melody on the g-string. So try to emphasise that as much as you can.

Break: Starts of with strumming then switches to fingerpicking which builds into the outro. The picking isn’t complicated but it is fast. If you’re only it for the strumming, you can skip this bit entirely and just play the first four bars of the break.


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