Yusuf/Cat Stevens – The Wind (Tabs)

Yusuf/Cat Stevens – The Wind (Tab)

The Wind comes across as a gentle little ditty. But there are some fiendish time signature changes in the chorus to deal with. This version is slowed down to about 90% of the original which makes it easier to handle.

Intro: A very simple start using one-finger-per-string picking. Which is used here and in the verses.

That’s followed by the main guitar riff. You could play this all in the first position. But I moved it up the neck to differentiate it from the melody.

Verse: Nothing much to deal with here. Just alternating between the guitar riff and the melody.

Chorus: Here’s where the trouble starts. There are bars of 5/4 and 2/4 thrown in along with irregularly spaced chord changes. The second chorus has an additional bar of 5/4 as well.

I found it hard to keep track of. My approach was to break it down. I started by counting out the bars. When I had that down, I tried playing just the chords. Then adding the melody part in starting at a very slow tempo.


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