Sonic the Hedgehog – Green Hill Zone (Tab)

Masato Nakamura – Green Hill Zone (Tab)

This Sega classic by Masato Nakamura starts off with the hardest bar in the entire arrangement. And it’s such an iconic run there’s not much scope to change it. Here’s an alternative arrangement. The upside is that it ends with your fingers in the right position for the following Em chord. The downside is that you have further to travel down the fretboard.

The good news is that this is followed by a very easy section of just Em, Dm and F chords. And the rest of the tune isn’t too tricky. The most difficult bit are the little runs in the Em parts (e.g. bars 11 and 13).


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Taskmaster Theme (Tab)

The Horne Section – Taskmaster Theme (Tab)

A short and sweet one I worked out while watching the New Zealand version of Taskmaster. I recommend it if you enjoy the UK version (while I’m recommending things: New Zealand Today).

The theme is mostly just chords with a few notes picked out. The tricky bit comes right at the end (bars 8-9) that goes way up the fretboard. You can safely chop it short and end the run at the first 12th fret.

After that, I’ve added in the little theme that plays at the start of the tasks.


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Iris Dement – Our Town (Tabs)

Iris Dement – Our Town (Tabs)

Amazingly, Our Town was the first song that Iris Dement wrote and she came up with the lyrics from beginning to end with no editing. Another fact I learned researching this song: The Goo Goo Doll’s Iris was named after her.

This arrangement is based on the original. But the first time I ever heard this song was Kate Rusby’s cover. So some of that version will have slipped in.

The backbone of the song is baby’s first chord progression: C – F – C – G7. That runs all the way through the song. The melody is also straightforward. It’s all contained in the first few frets. Plus, I’m playing it loosely and throwing in strums wherever it feels right. So there’s nothing too challenging here.

But if you want to stretch out, there’s plenty of room to do solo in the solos. The solos in my arrangement are of my own invention. So you’re welcome to ditch them and come up with your own. If you keep track of the chord changes and use the C major scale, you can’t go wrong.

I would recommend approaching each solo with an idea or a plan to explore. So I based the intro solo on the melody and kept it within the first four frets. For the second solo (bars 21-24) I start off with a country bend, then focus on holding the chord shapes and adding notes onto those. And the final solo (bars 49-52) I wanted to use campanella style playing (so the notes are spread across the strings).


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Saturday UkeTube

Watch on YouTube

James Hill – Here Comes the Rain Again
KimaMusic – Against The Tide
Jenifer Cabrera – Viva la Vida
Kala’e Camarillo and Sistah Robi Kahakalau – Henehene Kou ‘Aka
Ukulele Solos – Basket Case
Karlie G – Galaxy
Randy Gapasin – Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai ED

Friday Links: Uke Sales Boom

Demand for ukuleles on Amazon rose more than any other instrument at the start of the pandemic according to Pattern.

A new album from Uke Hunt favourite Phredd, Quarantine Tunes, is a collection of performances he’s done for kids’ clubs, libraries and uke festivals over the last year.

Another long-time favourite, Howlin’ Hobbit has started selling video and document lessons starting with Mack the Knife.

Window Shopping

Fretless Pelem ukulele.
Luna Henna Dragon.
Kanile’a 2021 Platinum.
The Cavern Club’s range of ukuleles.


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Morrissey – Irish Blood English Heart (Chords and Tab)

Morrissey – Irish Blood English Heart (Chords)

I first started working on this song three years ago. But while I was putting it together Morrissey went on one of his rants and I lost interest. But his recent fued with The Simpsons has motivated me to resurrect it.

The chords could not be simpler. Just Gm and Eb with a capo on the second fret (or Am and F without).

The riffs predate the song itself. They were first featured in Johnny Panic’s Not Bitter But Bored. The song was rewritten by Morrissey’s songwriting partner Alain Whyte who correctly thought it deserved wider attention.

The two choruses are slightly different. With the second chorus having the Gm minor lasting twice as long and capping off with an ascending riff. The chorus riff also acts as the outro but with the Gm riff repeating at the end.

Here’s the intro followed by the second chorus:



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Bonus: Quilloughby – Everyone Is Horrid Except Me

Quilloughby – Everyone Is Horrid Except Me (Chords)

Highlight of the Simpsons’ Morrissey episode was the Smiths parody song with music by Bret McKenzie (best known as a member of the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra).

The song starts with a direct copy of the the There Is A Light chord move: strumming d u d u – on F then u d – on G. From then on you can use this strum twice each for C and Fmaj7:

d – d – d u d u

And just one strum per chord on the rest.

To cap things off there’s a very simple New Order style solo.

Robert Schumann – Vanitas Vanitatum Mit Humor (Tabs)

Robert Schumann – Vanitas Vanitatum Mit Humor (Tabs)

I’ve been getting into classical music much more over the pandemic. I’ve occasionally got the over-ambitious impulse to try something on the ukulele. And the first part of Robert Schumann’s Five Pieces in a Folk Style is the only one to have made it through to this stage.

The piece is written for piano and cello. But this arrangement is almost entirely the cello part. The only time I dip into the piano part is bars 90 and 92.

There are plenty of challenging sections in the piece, but the part that took the most practice was the C section (not it’s official name). There’s also a very rapid section in bars 49-56 but that doesn’t require any scooting up and down the fretboard.


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Phil Collins – In the Air Tonight (Tabs)

Phil Collins – In the Air Tonight (Tab)

Phil Collins has one, “I will never forgive you for cheating,” song and one, “please forgive me for cheating,” song per marriage (he has a lot of these songs). This is the former.

I’ve cut the intro way down from the original version. You’re welcome to use any picking pattern and any inversion of the chords here.

The chorus is brilliant. It manages to pull of the trick of being both bleak and catchy.

The verses are angry and even more sparse than the chorus. In a case of do as I say not do as I do, let the verse breath and try not to rush the melody.

Finally, the legendary drum Phil (bar 60). I’ve gone with a descending run based on the D blues scale with the last four notes played chromatically.


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UkeTube: Arko Mukhaerjee, Evan J De Silva

Watch on YouTube

RIO – How About You
Arko Mukhaerjee – Go Where Glory
Evan J De Silva – Married Life (Up Theme Song)
dodie – Four Tequilas Down
Roberto Moniz – Clara Polka On machete
Mark ‘Stivvy’ Stephenson – Sweet Disorder
Robert Jones – What are they Doing in Heaven Today? via @ukeist
Chris Wilson – La Cumparsita
Heua’olu Sai-Dudoit – Aloha Punalu’u

7 second ukulele lessons: Salt-N-Pepa, Billie Eilish and More

After a bit of a break to concentrate on full tabs, I’m back posting riffs and whatnot on Instagram. Here’s a roundup of recent tabs.

Salt-N-Pepa – Push It

Billie Eilish – Your Power

Undertale – Megalovania

Polo G – Rapstar

Here’s a tab for how it’s originally played with the uke tuned to g-Bb-Db-F:

And here’s a version adapted for standard tuning:

Lil Nas X – Montero (Call Me By Your Name)

MF DOOM – Datura Stramonium

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