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Swagerty Ukuleles

Swagerty ukuleles are some of the most distinctive, even startling, ukuleles ever produced.

Swagerty first began producing ukuleles the late 1950s and became massively popular during the surf craze of the 50s and 60s - the pointed ends of their ukes were intended to be driven into the sand while their owners were off catching waves.

They produced a number of models including the Surf-a-lay-lee, the Kook-A-Lele, and the Treholipee (you can see the original patent for the Treholipee here).

The Swagerty company ceased trading in the 1970s. so if you're after one, your best bet is to keep a close eye on eBay. Be warned, when they do show up, bidding for these can be fierce.

On Video

UkeTube superstars GUGUG with their Swagerty Treholipee ukulele.

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