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Del Rey, Penguin Cafe: UkeTube

Full Playlist Just let me sneak this in here: Agathe (who you may remember as half of Agathe and Fine) is kickstarting an EP with her band Inglenook (pro-tip: click on the ‘Fr’ in the top right to Englishify it).

Irene Diaz, Kawehi: UkeTube

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Imelda May, Da Ukulele Boyz: UkeTube

Full Playlist Don’t miss the James Hill video. It’s on Vimeo so it’s not part of the playlist. James Hill – New Moon

krabbers, Duncan Sisters: UkeTube

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Love Charley, Look Yonder: UkeTube

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Kapala, L’Hebdo: UkeTube

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Damon Albarn, Molly Lewis: UkeTube

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George Elmes, Becca Stevens: UkeTube

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Ukulele Video of the Year 2013: Rob Pachol, Adrien Sala & Tesia Rhind – As the Living Do

After a hard fought battle and over 1,000 votes in the Ukulele Video of Year vote the winner is Rob Pachol (AKA Sanford and Song) with Adrien Sala and Tesia Rhind playing As the Living Do. The video is the first in Rob’s “Sanford and Songwriter” series where he hooks up with a local songwriter […]

Anne Janelle, Breaks Co-op: UkeTube

Full Playlist Early contender for next year’s Ukulele Video of the Year from Anne Janelle with some beardo on ukulele. Still plenty of time to cast your vote for the 2013 video of the year.

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