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The Prettiots, Ben Ahn: UkeTube

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Ukelites, Peter Moss: UkeTube

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Meghan Trainor, Saintseneca: UkeTube

Best Ukulele Videos of 2014 So Far

Full Playlist It’s looking like another golden year for ukulele music. Worryingly, more than half the year has already gone. So time for retrospective of the best ukulele videos of the year so far. Based on ratings on UkeToob, reaction on the blog and my personal tingles. I’ll warn you now, it is 21 videos […]

Jim Boggia, Spoon: UkeTube

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Purple Ferdinand, Br’er Rabbit: UkeTube

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Del Rey, Penguin Cafe: UkeTube

Full Playlist Just let me sneak this in here: Agathe (who you may remember as half of Agathe and Fine) is kickstarting an EP with her band Inglenook (pro-tip: click on the ‘Fr’ in the top right to Englishify it).

Irene Diaz, Kawehi: UkeTube

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Imelda May, Da Ukulele Boyz: UkeTube

Full Playlist Don’t miss the James Hill video. It’s on Vimeo so it’s not part of the playlist. James Hill – New Moon

krabbers, Duncan Sisters: UkeTube

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