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Walk off the Earth, Scott Avett: UkeTube

It’s not often I repost the same song from the same band. But it’s happened twice this week with Shiny and the Spoon reprising their cover of A-ha and Keston Cobblers’ Club. Also on the list is Scott Avett with a horrible ukulele, Walk off the Earth tossing around a Flea banjolele (head to 2:54 […]

Ukulollo, Origamibiro: UkeTube

Lots of good stuff to choose from for this one. I had to be quite ruthless with my choices to keep the list to a reasonable length. If you want to influence what gets included on here do rate the videos I post on UkeToob. I always check the ratings before I put together the […]

Mike Love: UkeTube

As well as the usual bedroom strumming, this week’s post includes LP at the Grammy museum, Mike Love in Ko’olau’s shop and Ryegrass stood in their bathtub. Full Playlist

Cuatro: The Ukulele’s Venezuelan Cousin

I’m always keen to check out what musicians are doing on their instruments to see what I can incorporate into my uke playing. It’s easiest to integrate techniques used on instruments similar to the ukulele such as the ukulele’s Madeiran forebears and, the subject of this post, the Venezuelan cuatro. Full Playlist The Venezuelan cuatro […]

Royal Boudoir Orchestra, Jontom: UkeTube

Some superstar guest appearances this week: Jontom is joined by Hawaiian guitar slinger Jeff Peterson, Ashton Kutcher provides bass for Snorri Helgason and Amanda Shires is backed by House. Full Playlist

The Beach Boys, Carly Rae Jepsen: UkeTube

For a band that has a career’s worth of songs about lazing on Californian beaches, there’s not a lot of ukulele in their songs. But their latest album has a ukulele-heavy song and the uke slides neatly into the Beach Boys sound. Also up this week is a blistering version of Classical Gas by sanfordandsong, […]

Leftover Cuties, Crystal Fighters: UkeTube

A Dylan cover from the Leftover Cuties to belatedly celebrate his birthday (much overshadowed on the net thanks to him sharing it with Maru). Also this week: Arborea do a session for NPR, the steam-punk Posh and Becks sing a murder ballad and Herman VDC picks up a timple. At the behest of JimUke, I’ve […]

Peter Delaney, Magnetic Fields: UkeTube

A whole pile of great videos collected while I was away. But I wasn’t paying as much attention as usual so if I’ve missed something great please do leave it in the comments.

The Folk, UOGB: UkeTube

A bit of sad news: Boulder Acoustic Society have gone their separate ways. But you’ll still be able to get your fill of old-timey ukulele because Aaron is continuing with his solo project The Quiet American. One video from them today along with two traditional Irish tunes (I’m currently the under the influence of Charlie […]

Aireene Espiritu, Danna Richards: UkeTube

I was in a very spring mood earlier this week – helped by springy tunes from Herman VDC and Danna Richards – and then it went and bloody snowed. So this posted has ended up as blossoms and summer dresses mixed with furry collars and duck-sweaters.

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