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O Christmas Tree (Single Note Version) (Tab)

Oh Christmas Tree (Single Note Version)(Tab) MP3 Another melody notes plus chords Christmas tune. Must admit, I can’t stand this one. Strumming This bit is quite tricky. I’m using all down strums but you have to be careful how many strums you use. F = 6 down strums Gm = 2 down strums C7 = […]

Silent Night (Single Note Version)(Tab)

Silent Night (Single Note Version)(Tab) MP3 Since it’s Christmas I thought I’d let you take a break from the tricky arrangements and I’d put up a couple of single note arrangements (along with easy chords) of a couple of Christmas tunes. For kids, newbies and people too drunk and bloated to play anything more complicated. […]

Garfunkel and Oates – Me, You and Steve (Chords)

Garfunkel and Oates – Me, You and Steve (Chords) It’s not often I do requests for non-commenters any more. Partly because I despise people in general and partly because most requests look like this, “Song request – Mr. Brightside by the killers and the ukulele is by Julia Nunes.” But this week I’m doing a […]

Rocky and Balls – Gaysong (Chords)

Rocky and Balls – Gaysong (Chords) I think this song wins the award for shortest time between being put up and me getting requests. And it’s a pretty good one for beginners – no fancy jazz chords to worry about in this one. Suggested Strumming Try: d – d u d u d – Buy […]

The Lancashire Hotpots – He’s Turned Emo (Chords)

The Lancashire Hotpots – Oh No, He’s Turned Emo (Chords) After some Manglish from Zee Avi, here’s some Lanclish from the Lancashire Hotpots. If you’re planning on going to see the Hotpots on their Northern tour you’re in for an extra treat. They’re being supported by the Re-entrants (find the dates here) Suggested Strumming Dead […]

Noah and the Whale – Jealous Kind of Love (Chords)

Noah and the Whale – Jealous Kind of Love (PDF) This little uke tune cropped up on the B-side to Shape of My Heart. It doesn’t seem to be available any more, but it’s rather lovely and a simple three chord song so I thought I’d write it up. The video cuts off but you […]

Kate Micucci & William H Macy – It’s Time to Get Laid (Chords)

Kate Micucci & William H Macy – It’s Time to Get Laid (Chords) She might not have had the chance to jam with him when they were making the film, but junkets give you much more time for ukeing it up. Bart Got A Room looks like a damn funny film. It’s got people from […]

Jungle Book – I Wanna Be Like You (Chords and Tab)

I Wanna Be Like You (Chords) This one is a big favourite with ukulele groups (as ably demonstrated by the Hull Ukulele Group). But it could have been written for Hobbit to sing. It’s a perfect fit. Which is a whole lot more than you can say about the Jonas Brothers. I somehow find it […]

Ingrid Michaelson – You and I (Chords)

Ingrid Michaelson – You and I (Chords) I’m slightly concerned this one is going to anger the Indie Gods. Particularly since she’s played it with Jason Mraz a few times. But I’ve had a bunch of requests for it and I took a lot less convincing than I did with the song that won’t be […]

Kate Micucci – Let Us Be Happy Together (Chords)

Kate Micucci – Let Us Be Happy Together (Chords) Another adorable ukulele ditty from Kate Micucci’s appearance in Scrubs. The chords for this one are dead easy. The only trouble is that she’s playing in D-tuning. So you’ll have to tune up or face the dreaded E chord. Suggested Strumming Also dead easy, go with […]

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