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The Mural and the Mint: Monday Exposure

The Mural and the Mint – Virgin Mouth (MP3) The Mural and the Mint – I’m on Fire (MP3) via their website. The Mural and the Mint are named after, their hometown, Philadelpia’s association with public art and the production of money. There’s an interesting comment Philadelphia does have more public art than any other […]

Ukulelezo: Interview

Ukulelezo has been a favourite on here since I first featured one of her videos two years ago. What I didn’t know then was that she’d turn out to be such a witty and unique songwriter. I dragged her away from her constant toil recording her debut album to talk about songwriting, puns and winning […]

Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain – Live at the BBC Proms DVD

As far as I’m concerned, the UOGB’s performance at the Proms is the high-water mark of the ukulele revival (so far). If you’re not familiar with the Proms, they’re a series of straight classical music concerts that have been held at the Royal Albert Hall for the last 115 years and culminate in a display […]

Michelle Blades: Interview

Michelle Blades – sleepless (MP3) via More than anyone else, I look forward to seeing new videos from Michelle Blades on my YouTube subs page. Her songs are stunningly inventive and keep getting better and better. She’s just released a new albumOh, Nostalgia! so it seemed like the perfect time to ask her about […]

Shiny and the Spoon: Interview

This is the second time I’ve interviewed Amber Nash. My excuse – if I need an excuse beyond her being bot-rockingly awesome – is that last time she was part of ukebucket and this time she’s half of Shiny and the Spoon. Shiny and the Spoon have just released their new EP. You’ll be familiar […]

John Kavanagh – Small Rooms: Monday Exposure

Last year, the ukulele world lost two of the classiest players and arrangers for ukulele: John King and John Kavanagh. John Kavanagh’s arrangements of ragtime tunes on his album Parlour Music were a particular inspiration for me. He managed to make those insanely tricky pieces sound clean and elegant. So I was very privaleged to […]

Phredd – Phreddtastic: Monday Exposure

Phredd, being a purveyor of goofy songs for kids songs and worship songs, is an act I would expect to hate. Yet he has a knack of winning over grumpy atheists like me and Craig Robertson. I think it’s because his songs sound naturally fun. It’s so easy for this sort of thing to sound […]

Essential Christmas Ukulele Records

There’s some bloody awful music swishing around this time of the year and, inevitably, some of it’s played on the ukulele. But here are four that are well worth your time and money. Christmas with the Ukulele Orchestra Great Britain Everything you’d expect from a UOGB record: excellent musicianship, humour, a traditional English murder ballad […]

Galapaghost: Monday Exposure

Galapaghost – You’re All I Need (MP3) Galapaghost – Lost Generation (MP3) I’ve featured a couple of videos from Galapaghost. He has a great way with a tune. So I threw a few questions at, Mr Galapaghost, Casey Chandler and he was kind enough to bat them back to me. How would you describe the […]

Craig Robertson: Interview

Craig Robertson – The Ballard of Blanche Barrow (MP3) Craig Robertson – The Scorpion Queen (MP3) via Craig Robertson’s Music Blog There aren’t many people in the ukulele community I have more respect for than Craig Robertson. He’s been a massive supporter of new ukulele talent through his Ukulele Noir and Ukulele Caravan shows, he’s […]

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