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RISA Uke-Solid Electric Tenor Ukulele Review

The RISA solid ukulele isn’t like any other ukulele out there: it’s shaped like a hollowed out cricket bat, the tuning pegs are at the wrong end, it doesn’t have a head, its bridge is aluminium. Obviously, I had to have one. Stats Construction: Solid walnut. Fretboard: Walnut 17 frets. Neck: Solid walnut. Bridge: Aluminium. […]

aNueNue Lani II Concert Ukulele Review

Before you read this review, you should know that aNueNue sent me this ukulele to review for free. I’m anyone’s for a bag of Wine Gums, so feel free to take this review with whatever degree of salt you see fit. They asked me which of their ukuleles I’d like to review. My initial reaction, […]

Famous Solos & Duets for the ‘Ukulele by John King – Review

I’m a huge fan of John King’s Classical Ukulele book (in an, “OMG!!!1! It changed the way I think about the ukulele,” way). So it was only a matter of time before I picked up his Famous Solos and Duets for ‘Ukulele as well. The book contains tab and standard notation for 22 tunes (18 […]

Kala KA-ASLAS Lacewood and Spruce Soprano Review

I bought myself a Kala lacewood soprano ukulele as a reward for finally finishing the How to Play Ukulele Strums ebook. So were the endless hours of sweet and tears worth it? Here’s my review: The Lowdown Wood: Kala seem to make a bigger deal of the lacewood but the part that matters, the top, […]

Paris Ukulele Festival

Today I can put my feet up and relax because we have a guest post by Armelle of Ukulele Languages discussing her visit to the Paris Ukulele Festival. Veuillez installer Flash Player pour lire la vidéo Paris Uke Fest 09 – Two_0001 sélectionné dans Musique et Live / Concert / Festival Great day, lovely people, […]

Mahalo Flying V Ukulele Review

I wasn’t going to write a review of the Mahalo Flying V. My brother got me one for Christmas. It was a nice thought and he wasn’t to know it’s the WORST UKULELE IN THE WORLD. The Good Stuff The Look: It does look good. Even close up. The way the neck attaches to the […]

Ukulele iPhone/iPod Apps Review

I am completely in love with my iPod Touch. Not in that way. It’s not like I make out with or anything (and everyone who tells you they’ve seen me making out with it is lying because I always make sure the curtains are shut first). It’s a deep, caring, understanding love that will never […]

Ohana Tenor Ukulele TK-35G Review

No need to stretch to outlandish reasons to buy a new ukulele for this one. I needed a tenor (and, no, a Fluke with a tenor neck doesn’t count) particularly for fingerpicking. The Ukulele Shop had a sale on the Ohana TK-35G and after watching Ken Middleton’s review of his tenor Ohana. Sound: A lovely […]

New Zealand Ukulele Festival

Garry Copeland attended the New Zealand Ukulele Festival and was kind enough to send back this report for us. It’s a couple of hours since the second annual New Zealand Ukulele Festival kicked off at Auckland’s Mount Smart stadium and the joint is jumping. Welcome to ukulele heaven. As promised by organiser Kevin Fogarty, it’s […]

Mahalo Les Paul Ukulele Review

I felt like a Burmese monk that hadn’t been through Poy Sang Long, I really did. It’s a rite of passage for any UK uke player to own a Mahalo ukulele and I never did. Back in my day, there was no useful website to tell you which ukulele to buy, so I ended up […]

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