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10 Things You Hear About Ukuleles That Might Be Bollocks

The ukulele seems to attract more than its share of bullshit. So here’s a list of stuff – much of which I may have propagated at some point – that whiffs heavily of balls. Some of these are written from a devil’s-advocate perspective and I haven’t made my mind up on some issues. So feel […]

Campanella: The Best Way to Play Ukulele?

If you’ve been following my fingerstyle arrangements for a while you’ll have noticed – and probably been frustrated by – how much jumping between strings goes on. It’s certainly not the easiest ways to arrange tunes but it’s very effective and gives the uke a harp-like sound of close harmony notes ringing into each other. […]

Fingerpicking Ukulele – First Steps

Back in the olden days I had a fingerpicking mini-course available for people who signed up for my mailing list. It’s been unavailable for quite a while and a few people have been asking about it. So here’s the first part of it and the rest of it will be available once I work out […]

Ukulele Info Round-Up

Today I’ve been putting up posts aimed at giving people (non-uke players and new ukers in particular) a brief overview of the ukulele world. I’ll probably be adding to these in future so if you’ve got any suggestions for categories (and what should be in them) let me know in the comments. Ukulele Players Soloists […]

Ukulele History – A Brief and Inaccurate Guide

If you’re looking for an extensive and accurate guide, take a look at John King’s Nalu Music. The story of the ukulele starts in Europe. By the 18th Century stringed, fretted instruments had a long history. Larger instruments such as guitars and lutes had developed smaller cousins of particular benefit for sea-faring musicians. In Portugal […]

Ukulele Players – Indie Ukulele

Stephin Merritt – Magnetic Fields Who? Dark humorist and dour songwriter with Magnetic Fields, Gothic Archies and other projects. What’s so special? The first alternative act I heard use the ukulele (in 1999’s 69 Love Songs). Put to rest the idea that everything sounds happy on the ukulele. Introduced the ukulele to a generation of […]

Ukulele Players: Ukulele Ladies

Queen Lili’uokalani Who? Hawaiian Queen 1891 – 1894. What’s so special? The ukulele really took hold in Hawaii thanks to its extensive use by the Royal Family. Queen Lili’uokalani and her brother King David Kalakaua were massive supporters of the early ukulele makers and players. She is said to have written the ultimate ukulele tune […]

Ukulele Players: Soloists

The ukulele is best known as an accompanying instrument but many players have stretched what it is possible to do with a uke and used it as a solo instrument. Here are some of the most important. Ernest Ka’ai Who? Hawaiian ukulelist who set the groundwork for all ukulele soloists to come. What’s so special? […]

Ukulele Lessons

You may have noticed this is my seventh post in the space of six hours. It’s all part of the overhaul of the site that will be taking place soon. With over 1,000 blog posts on Uke Hunt and a bunch more in the other sections, it’s getting impossible for people to find what they’re […]

Blues Ukulele Lessons

A few posts to help you get going with one of the most popular non-traditional ways to play the ukulele. For this section you’ll need a good understand of ukulele tab. Step 1: Basics Blues Scales: – Minor pentatonic scale – Blues scale Five steps to blues mastery How to Play Blues Ukulele – ebook […]

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