I get more chord and tab requests than I can possibly do so unless you’re a regular commenter or emailer of the blog (and, quite frankly, because it’s so rare for non-commenters to thank me when I do their requests) it’s very unlikely I’ll do your request.

If you still want to submit a request you’ll increase your chances if you follow these suggestions:

– If you’re looking for chords for non-ukulele songs search for them on Ultimate Guitar
– Include a link to somewhere I can hear the song. It’s difficult to transcribe a song I’ve never heard.
– I don’t tab songs when there are commercially available ukulele tabs (e.g. IZ and Jack Johnson) or where the writer has asked for their stuff to be removed (e.g. Jake Shimabukuro).
– I’m more likely to tab something if I like it or it’s really easy.
– Be nice.
– Use the word ‘armadillo’ in your message so I know you’ve bothered to read this.