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My Heart Will Go On (Tab)

My Heart Will Go On (Tab) MIDI Submitted by Claudio’s Ukulele.

JS Bach – BWV 1006a Prelude

Well, not much to say… This is probably my favorite piece of all time (on any instrument). I’ve never heard it on ukulele and I’ll probably never be able to play it, but I tabbed it out nonetheless. Now hear this: The gauntlet has been thrown down virtuoso ukulele players, show yourselves! BWV 1006a, Partita […]

La Mer / Beyond the Sea (Tab)

La Mer / Beyond the Sea (Tab)

Moondog – Pastoral

Pastoral.pdf (57 KB)

Grieg – In the Hall of the Mountain King (Tab)

In The Hall of the Mountain King (Tab) MIDI Submitted by Franklin A Villanueva.

Georgia on my Mind (Tab)

Georgia on My Mind Tab submitted by Emmet Webster. The video is my choice.

Apartment – Fall Into Place (Tab)

Tab submitted by Sterling Beecroft

Rage Against the Machine – Sleep Now in the Fire

A———————| E———————| C———————| G—2–2–0–2–5^–2-| x3 A———————— E-2^–2–0–2–0——– C–2^–2–0–2–0——– G–2^–2–0–2–0——– Tab submitted by Tommy Barnes.

Stephin Merritt Ukulele Me

I’m just starting to learn ukulele and I really want to learn “Ukulele Me” by Stephin Merritt on his Showtunes album.  Does anyone know what chords are used?  I have a terrible ear for these things and can’t figure it out.  Thanks!

Tiger Rag by Roy Smeck

I’ve just posted on my website a Tablature of  “Tiger Rag” inspired by the Recording of the Roy Smeck Version in the album “Roy Smeck And His Magic Uke”. The tablature in pdf format. And the video on YouTube. Enjoy ! David. PS: Buy Roy Smeck Plays Hawaiian Guitar, Banjo, Ukulele and Guitar.

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