2015 Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to the 2015 Ukulele Quiz:

Name the Chord

1. A minor
2. G
3. D7
4. F#m or Gbm (Or Dmaj7 if you want to be very fancy).
5. C#m or Dbm

Name the Brand

6. Martin
7. Kala
8. KoAloha
9. Kanilea
10. iUke

Name the Cover

11. Lady Gaga
12. Elvis Presley or Big Mama Thornton
13. Queen
14. The Clash
15. The Fratellis

Name the Celeb

16. d) Oprah Winfrey
17. b) Madonna
18. b) Cara Delevingne
19. a) The Kardashians
20. c) PewDiePie

Name the Lyric

21. Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong/IZ)
22. While My Guitar Gently Weeps (The Beatles)
23. Blank Space (Taylor Swift)
24. Singin’ in the Rain (Gene Kelly)
25. Soul Sister (Train)

Name the Theme Tune

This is the theme tune to which…

26. Ghostbusters
27. Frasier
28. House M.D.
29. Bob’s Burgers
30. Serial

Head back to the post and let me know how you did. And if I made it far too hard or far too easy.