Simpsons Ukulele

The ukulele – thanks to it’s naturally comedy – has cropped up a fair few times on The Simpsons Principle Skinner, Krusty the Clown, Martin and Moe have all been seen strumming the ukulele on one occasion or another. Last week, Zack Kim post this eye-popping version of The Simpsons theme. I’m assuming that, unlike Kim, you don’t have two guitars, eighteen fingers and six brains. So I’ve tabbed out a much simpler version for the uke.

Simpsons theme Ukulele tab

This version, not in the same key as the original, starts with ‘The Siiiimmmp-sooons‘ and cuts to the final main phrase (the way it is on the Simpsons episodes that are so crammed with gags they have to cut the intro short).

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