Ferdinando Carulli – Andante

Fernando Carulli – Andante (Tab)

Andante midi

There was a brand new website launched on Monday dedicated to the big daddy of the ukulele world: the baritone uke. Buke already has a healthy collection of baritone ukulele tabs including classical pieces and Beatles tunes. As far as I’m aware, this is the first site solely for baritones.

The baritone seems to be a very hip choice of instrument at the moment and is a favourite of Michael Leviton, Rio En Medio, Josephine Foster and Madame Pamita. I’m looking forward to watching Buke develop.

Even if you’re bari-averse, it’s well worth a visit. It inspired me to make a lil-uke version of Fernando Carulli’s Andante (one of the tabs available on the site). Fernando Carulli was an early 19th Century composer and guitar virtuoso who wrote a large number of etudes (short musical studies). Many etudes for the classical guitar sound too like studies to be fun but I got a kick out of playing this one.

There are a few tricky sections in this arrangement. The first comes in bar 7. Here you need to barre across the fifth fret in order to reach the eighth fret easily but it still leaves a big jump down to the start of bar 8.

The other tricky section is in bars 11 and 12. My first instinct was to fret the pairs of notes using my index and middle or ring finger as in the rest of the piece. However, this makes for a very tricky move to fretting the C string at the second fret. So I’ve suggested different fingering in the tab.

This is repeated at the very end of the piece with a slight variation meaning you have to remove the bar earlier to accomodate the open C string.

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