Martin, Ditson, Super Tenor Ukulele

Martin 3K koa ukulele ebayThe head-doctors said it wasn’t possible, but I’ve fallen in love. Here she is: 20s/30s Martin 3K. Bids start at $1,600.

If you want a bit of Martin magic but can’t afford that, you might like to check out this battered and bruised Martin ukulele. Full credit to the seller for the extensive and very clear pictures of the damage. The number of bidders that item has had just goes to show that being completely upfront about damage is the best way to go. Compare it with the pictures for this style 3 Martin. The seller says the cracks on the back have been fixed, but the blurry picture half way down the page raises some questions. Unsurprisingly, no bids so far.

If you’re after a Martin, it’s often worth looking carefully at any Oliver Ditson ukuleles that come up. Martin made a large number of ukes for Oliver Ditson. You can check out the picutures on this page (including a Ditson Style 0 next to a space age meat grinder).

If you’re looking to practice your uke repairing abilities, this whole pile of clapped out koa ukuleles should give you plenty to go at.

Potential bargain of the week: Slingerland MayBell banjo ukulele. It’s in a pretty messy condition, but there are currently no bids and a $25 opening bid. Because of the typo in the title of the listing (uklele) it might be that people are going to miss it. Has to be worth watching.

On a more modern note, this Custom Pahu Kani Super Tenor Ukulele makes me giggle every time I see it.

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