Arrested Development Theme Tune

Arrested Development (Tab)


Like every great American comedy TV show the BBC gets its hands on (Seinfeld, Larry Sanders, Curb Your Enthusiasm), the BBC schedulers seemed intent on stopping people watching it by buffeting it around the late night, digital TV schedules. I presume they do this so we don’t realise how awful Brit-com shows like My Family are, but even broadcasting footage of a slowly rotting dog turd for the other twenty three and a half hours of the day wouldn’t make My Family seem funny.

Anyhoo, as well as being witty and enjoyable, Arrested Development had a theme tune played on the uke. The original version has been expunged from YouTube, so the video is a Family Guy parody of the theme tune but it has the same music.

The theme was written by David Schwartz (who also wrote music for Deadwood and Northern Exposure) and you can download a version without Ron Howard yammering over the top on David Schwartz’s website.

The main part of the theme is played on Tahitian ukulele. It’s tuned differently to your average uke so this isn’t a direct tab. It’s moved up the neck to give it the requisite plinkiness.

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