Eddie Vedder – Rise

Eddie Vedder – Rise (Complicated Chords)

Eddie Vedder – Rise (Basic Chords)

I was all ready to write up Pearl Jam’s ukulele song Soon Forget, until I started getting harassed for Rise from the soundtrack of Into the Wild. And why not? It’s a magnificent song.

Rise is played on the mandolin. The mandolin is tuned in fifths (GDAE) which makes it quite tricky to transfer to the uke, so I’ve done two versions of the chords. One of them is just the very basic chords (G, C and D).

In the other I’ve done my best to recreate what he’s playing on the mandolin and make it a bit more uke friendly. The basic chords remain the same but there are notes added on to give it extra flavour (and also to match the melody in parts).

The best thing to do is take a look at both versions and come up with your own favourite way to play it. I think using the Cadd9 is pretty much essential (and easy) and the C C-5 C5 C6 rising bit sounds great.

Uke Gal Carol has done an excellent version of Rise which you can listen to here.

Requested by Andrew, Rilrod and Whitney

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