James Bond Theme

James Bond Theme (Tab)(PDF)

Quantum of Solace? What of what?

I’m flabbergasted that Bond is still going. The whole idea is outdated and they ran out of ideas decades ago. The theme tune, on the other hand, still sounds fantastic.

I’ve been working on this arrangement for an age (I think Sean Connery was Bond when I started) and it’s tough to play – I cock it up a couple of times in the mp3. I’ve tried to cram as many parts of the original onto the uke and there’s a great deal of changing between picking and strumming.

Bar 2: Not a triplet, but I use a triplet strum in this bar: down, up with index, up with middle.

Bars 3 – 6: The bass line crops up on the G string played with the thumb along with strums (up, down, up) on the other three strings.

Bars 7 – 14: This is where it starts to get really tricky. You’ve still got the bass line on the G string and the strums on the E and A strings, but now you’ve got the guitar part on the C string as well. A good rule of thumb (and fingers) is to pluck the G string with your thumb when there are no other notes and strum when there are other notes. There are also quite a few rolls in this section.

Bars 19 – 26: Another step up in difficulty with the brass section. The bass line is still going, but this time it’s moving over the strings.

James Bond ukulele tab

Bars 28 – 33: Finally a bit of a rest. You can just strum out this section.

Outro: My favourite part of the tune. I love the last chord: Cm6add9.

There’s a simplified version of this tab here.

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