Cocoon – Chupee (Chords)

Cocoon – Chupee (Chords)

In case you were mislead by my ineptitude yesterday, nominations for Ukulele Video of the Year close on the 27th January (not the day before they opened as I previously stated).

This year’s winner of the always fiercely fought Hat Wearer of the Year Award is chipswow for her fine work on her cover of Cocoon’s Chupee (technically uploaded this year). She also narrowly missed out on Best Hair to Misanthrope Jackalope.

Over a Christmas break full of drizzle, sport-talk and ugly people, I’ve been asking myself one question: Why the hell am I living in England when France is this far away? *indicates small distance with fingers* Things France is famous for: food, wine, good-looking people, surrendering, existentialism and cute ukulele songs. Things I love: food; wine; pretty but slightly depressed girls; cute ukulele songs. Plus, I’m jaw-droppingly handsome and a spineless coward. It’s a perfect match.

But until I’m sat outside a cafe chatting with Coralie Clément about ‘pissing by the bonk’, I’ll make do with strumming this song.

As you can see on their Le Soir Ukulele Session, he plays all the chords in the verse with his finger barred across the second fret. But I prefer playing the G and Em chords in the more usual way.

For a basic strum pattern you can use: down, up, up, down, up

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