Kala UBass, Gibson Baritone Ukulele

They’re not available yet, but I’m already uke-lusting for a Kala UBass. Rigk Sauer has put up a couple of clips: Stand By Me, Tiger Rag.

It’s not often you see baritone Gibson ukuleles up for sale but here’s a rather handsome Gibson UB-1. Good to see they went with the guitar-style headstock rather than the more clunky ukulele headstock.

On the subject of lesser-seen baritones, here’s a baritone banjo ukulele.

Leolani have combined three of most hated design features into one hideous ukulele: dolphins, writing ‘Hawaii‘ on the instrument and the half-pinapple-half-not shape. It’s turning into a arms race between companies to see how many dolphins they can fit on a ukulele. Stop the madness before it kills us all.

Shag ukulele postcard.

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