Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer – Chap-Hop History (Tab & Chords)

Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer‘s hip-hop history has caused a bit of a stir on 7 of the 8 internets, so I thought I’d plow through the whole thing.

A lot to get through in this one. But start out by tuning up to the traditional banjolele D tuning: aDF#B.

Rapper’s Delight Section

mrbrappers ukulele tab

There’s tab for the bass riff here – but it’s in a different key.

King of Rock and Enormous Guitar Solo Section

My favourite section of the song. He uses the same chords for the, “enormous guitar solo” but with a few more fancy triplet strums and shifts between Em and Em7 shoved in the hole thusly:

mr b solo ukulele tab

Fight for Your Right Section

The main riff is E – G – A. But he throws in a B right before the lyrics.

The solo in this section is a lot of moving between B and Badd9+ with the occasional B7 thrown in.


She Watch Channel Zero Section
mrbchannelzero ukulele chords

Chromatically descending chords. If you’re feeling lazy you could start with E played 7655 and slide it down a fret each time.

Mama Said Knock You Out Section
mr b knock uke chords

At the start of the Knock You Ayyyyyyt section he’s just playing D and A before the E chord comes in later.

The Magic Number Section

Dead easy two chorder. Simple enough for any stoner to play.

My Name Is Section
mr b my name is tab

The whole song has been in E/Em so I’m not sure why the last bit switches up to F.

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