John Kavanagh – Small Rooms: Monday Exposure

Last year, the ukulele world lost two of the classiest players and arrangers for ukulele: John King and John Kavanagh.

John Kavanagh’s arrangements of ragtime tunes on his album Parlour Music were a particular inspiration for me. He managed to make those insanely tricky pieces sound clean and elegant. So I was very privaleged to have been able to exchange emails on our shared passion for playing ragtime on the ukulele and delighted when he was generous enough to say nice things about my Ragtime arrangements – in this excellent article on Ragtime ukuele – despite my obvious noob status.

The same mastery of ukulele arrangement is on display on the album he was working on when he died Small Rooms. The album has been completed and released by John’s friends and family – who have done a great job with it – and it’s well worth checking out. You can stream clips of it on and buy it here

John’s ukulele lessons:

Finger and thumb strum lesson
Getting that bluegrass sound

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