Phredd – Elmer’s Electric Tricycle (Chords and Tab)

Phredd – Elmer’s Electric Tricycle (Chords and Tab)

I wish we had songs this good when I was a kid. All we had was Fingerbobs (okay, so Bagpuss was pretty amazing). I can certainly relate to the story of a mad scientist working away in the shed with everyone wondering what’s he building in there?

This track turned up on the Phredderiffic in a uke-less form. But I’ve written up the uke version from Phreddtube because, of course, it’s far superior.

Suggested Strumming

In the verses, he’s using the same figure as the intro. But if you’d rather strum, you could go with:

d – d – x u d –

For the chorus:

d – d – – u d –

d – d – – u d –

Buy it on iTunes and check out his new album Phreddtastic!

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