Cee Lo Green – F**k You (Chords)

Warning: Bad words abound.

Cee Lo Green – Fuck You (Chords)

I’ve resisted calls for posts on recent YouTube phenomenons Double Rainbow and Bed Intruder (because A Glorious Dawn is the pinnacle of autotune). But I had to do a post on Cee Lo Green’s new song. Partly because it’s packed with expletives (it’s not even the first time I’ve put up a song called Fuck You). But mostly because it’s a cracking tune and it’s finally given blokes their own I Will Survive-type break-up song.

Suggested Strumming

Here’s the strumming pattern I like to use for most of the song:

The only exception is the middle section where I just use one strum for most of the chords. At this stage, I should admit I’m not 100% sure of the chords in that section.

The guitar part works pretty well on the uke. Use these inversions of the chords:

And this strumming pattern:

Twiddly Bits

If you want to ape the bass/piano run-ups, try this:

Buy it on his website.

Requested by Larry.

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