Mad Tea Party EP, Mya-Mum: Friday Links

In keeping with this week’s Halloween theme. Mad Tea Party have released a rollocking new Halloween EP Rock-n-Roll Ghoul. And if you didn’t pick up Zombie Boogie last year, I recommend you do so forthwith.

Call me sentimental, but I would love to know about the trees that ended up being my ukuleles. Even if it wasn’t exotic. So I’m jealous of the guy in this story about a 150 year old tree being turned into ukes.

No sooner do I rant about Mumford and Sons not playing uke than this video turns up. For anyone interested, it’s a Mya-Moe ukulele.

California didn’t break the ukulele ensemble record. Everyone is saying that London still holds the record but I was under the impression that London’s record had been beaten in New Zealand.

Fairport Convention have put up a live MP3 and chords for their ukulele song (scroll down a bit) (via Got a Ukulele).

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