Sophie Madeleine – The Rhythm You Started (Chords)

Sophie Madeleine – The Rhythm You Started (Chords)

I need your opinion. In the chord chart I’ve put the chord names in red so it’s easier to spot them amongst the lyrics. Is it worth doing it in future? Or does a more calming blue look better(display purposes only – it’s not quite right)? Let me know in the comments: black, red or blue. (Anyone who says, “Do all three,” gets a purple-nurple). UPDATE: Here’s the old B&W version for the traditionalists.

I was going to wait until Sophie Madeleine’s new album came out before I did this one (its title track) but I got over excited and prematurely tabulated.

Suggested Strumming

This one’s in 3/4. Here’s a strumming pattern to get you through:

d – d u d –

Just once for each chord until you reach the end of the Bridge section. On that D chord, play it four times. In the Middle, play it twice for each chord except the G on ‘keep us dry’ (where you play it four times). Then it’s back to once per chord for

You can add a bit of variation by just doing three down strums for the occasional chord (works best on the Bm or A).

Twiddly Bits

The bum-pas work quite nice on the uke like this:


Sophie Madeleine on Bandcamp or you’ve got a few days left to secure yourself a signed copy of the album when it comes out.

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