Angry Birds (Tab)

Ari Pulkkinen – Angry Birds (Tab)

Angry Birds might be annoyingly addictive and sometimes annoyingly annoying, but the theme music is outstanding. It’s one of two games I play and don’t turn the music off for (the other is Pizza Boy).

For my version, I did mess around with things a bit. The intro section is picked with a bit of running man picking (alternating index and middle). The main section is mostly played with the thumb flicking down on the g and C and the index finger flicking up (which a few strums thrown in). In the final section, Thumb on g, index on E and middle finger on A.

Lead Sheet

Here’s just the basic melody and it’s a bit more faithful to the original. So you can play it simply as it is or arrange your own version around it.

Ari Pulkkinen – Angry Birds Theme (Lead Tab)

Here’s how it sounds by itself.

Lead Line

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