Eliza Doolittle – Skinny Genes (Chords)

Eliza Doolittle – Skinny Genes (Live) (Chords)

I almost tabbed up this song when it came out but it slid by. But after hearing the live version I was won over.

Vevo tends to block a lot of stuff so if you can’t see it above, you can listen to the original version here. But that one is in the key of E (the live version is in G) so here are the chords in that key:

Eliza Doolittle – Skinny Genes (Original Key) (Chords)

Be careful with the chords. Take note of the numbers at the top right of the chords diagrams. That’s the fret the chord diagrams start at. So for the live version you’re mainly barring at the 7th fret (4th fret for the original version).

Suggested Strumming

Do this once each time you see a chord written:

You can play the ‘x’ with a chnk, but I prefer to release the pressure with my fretting hand and strum that.

Slowed down, it sounds like this:

Strumming Pattern

You can also add an extra strum at the end so it’s:

d – x u – u d u

Twiddly Bits

The picking bit he does in the first verse varies a lot. Here’s one basic pattern you can use and play around with.

Which sounds like this:

Picking Pattern

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