Away in a Manger (Tab)

Away in a Manger (Full Arrangement Tab)

I thought I’d do a tab to give you an idea of what the stuff in the How to Play Christmas Ukulele ebook is like. Which, by the way, you can get $2 off if you use the code ‘armadillo’ by the 18th December.

But I’m not sure why I chose this one. I can’t stand the ‘baby Jesus meek and mild’ lyrics. I’m more into the ‘Jesus is here to fuck shit up‘ songs. But the tunes nice.

Like in the ebook, I’ve done two arrangements for this. The first one is a full arrangement that has the melody and back played on one uke. It’s arranged very simply. The right hand is all done with the thumb. And the left hand is based on familiar chord shapes (F, Bb, Gm and C).

Melody Arrangement

Away in a Manger (Melody Arrangement Tab)

The second arrangement is even simpler. The tab is just the single note melody which stays in the first position (except a quick trip to the fifth fret). And the chords above it.

For the strumming I’m doing this once for each bar:

d – d u d –

Here’s that being played:

Away in a Manger (MP3)

I’ve put the chords and melody on different sides so you can adjust your balance and play along with either.

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