Roger Miller – Whistle Stop from Robin Hood (Tab)

Roger Miller – Whistle Stop (Tab)

I somehow managed to pass my entire childhood without coming across Disney’s take on Robin Hood. So when I first heard this tune my reaction was, “AZIZ WHISTLE STOP is a straight rip off from The Hampsterdance Song. What’s Roger Miller‘s email?” Roger Miller responded, “nooooooooooooooo! that song came out afterwards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, Roger Miller’s more laid-back delivery of the tune makes it much more ukeable. I’ve included the first three variations on the tune. They raise in difficulty quite nicely each time.

I tried to stick to an alternating thumb pattern (moving between g and C). With index finger on E and middle on A. But the melody does sometimes stray onto the C-string which screws things up (such as the D in bar 4). Those notes I play with my index finger.


I can’t find a place to buy the song but you can buy the movie.

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