I Am The Doctor (Doctor Who) (Tab)

Murray Gold – I Am The Doctor (Tab)

Following on from Charlie McDonnell’s Big Bang 2 with the tune from Doctor Who it was based on: Murray Gold’s I Am The Doctor. The theme for Matt Smith’s Doctor.

I also jammed a reference to the main Doctor Who Theme in at the end.

7/8 Time

The main theme is in rather tricky 7/8 time. When counting it I went with “1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 4”. But once I’d got the hang of playing it I dropped the count and just went with the swing of it.

Trickiest Bit

The high, screechy violin bit in bars 5-8. You can simplify this a couple of ways. You can drop the note on the A-string 8th fret at the end of the bar and just stick with the 10th fret. Or you could play a simpler version without the screeches. Either repeat the first four bars or play bars 17-20.


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