Man Man – Deep Cover (Chords)

Man Man – Deep Cover (Simple Chords)

With the range of instruments Man Man used it was only a matter of time before a ukulele showed up. And sure enough this ukulele ditty cropped up on their latest album On Oni Pond prompting quite a few chord requests.

The chord chart shows the basic chords of the song. Around those he’s doing some fancy bits of filigree that you can find below. But the song works really well without them if you prefer to play it that way.

Simple Strumming

You can use this pattern almost the whole way through:

d – d u d – d u

Do that twice for every chord. Make sure you swing the strum (so the down strums last longer than the up strums – you can get a feel for it by listening to the song).

Here’s how that sounds:

Simple Strum

The one exception is the C-C7-C bit at the end of the verses.

Do the main pattern once for the C. Then either play the lick or do this once each on the C7 and C:

d u d u

Chord Variations

For the F chord play two down strums. Then take you middle finger off the g-string and strum up (Fadd9 chord). Then hammer you middle finger back on so you’re back to F. Then strum down and up. Then go back to taking your finger off and play that part twice more.

Together the pattern looks like this (with the hammer-ons indicated by Hs)


The first bar of the A7 you do the same thing. The difference is you take off your index finger and hammer that on. So you’re switching between these chords:


For the second bar you play a down strum of A7 with your middle finger on the A-string, first fret. An up strum on A7. A down strum with your middle finger on the E-string, first fret. Then up on A7. And repeat that. Together it looks like this:


Here’s a video of that section played slowly:

The Dm section is exactly the same as the F. The only difference is you take off and hammer-on your middle and ring fingers.

Similarly with the C7. You take off your index finger and hammer that back on in the first bar. Then it’s d u d u for the C and C7 or you play the lick.

Other Twiddly Bit

Here’s the little downward pattern at the end of Verse 2:



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